New York Canna Business Lawyer / Medical Marijuana Lawyer

The Law Offices of Craig Delsack, LLC provides extensive experience as business lawyers advising on a vast array of business and corporate matters, including those ancillary businesses involving cannabis, hemp, CBD and medical marijuana.  In 2016, New York state approved medical marijuana dispensaries under New York’s  “compassionate care act” (NYS Public Health Law, Article 33 (Controlled Substances), Title 5-A (Use of Marijuana)).  On March 31, 2021, Governor Cuomo signed into law the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA, S.854A), legalizing weed in NY state. It is now known officially as the New York “cannabis law.” Although it will take many months for the newly created Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) to promulgate the rules and applications for the business licenses and permits, certain parts of the new law go into effect immediately.  Please click here for my cannabis and weed law posts for updates to the law and rules as they develop.

Launching and distributing products in an highly-regulated space is particularly challenging. Achieving commercial success in the cannabis arena requires thorough planning around zoning and land-use, product design, production, marketing, sales, channel distribution, customer support, and other functions critical to the business.

Our clients interested in operating cannabis businesses in NY under New York’s cannabis law include growers, cultivators, processors, cooperatives, distributors, retail dispensaries, on-site (on-premises) consumption businesses and ancillary businesses, and other cannapreneurs.  As cannabusiness lawyers, we advise clients in the areas of:

among other matters.

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